How To Know What’s Working For Your Business And What’s Not

I was embarrassed by the size of my email list for a long time.

I tracked my numbers. The traffic to my website, my social media followers, the readers of my blog, the subscribers on my email list.

I tried to remind myself that everyone starts at 0 and grows the same way, one new subscriber at a time.

I re-read this blog post from Alexandra Franzen to remind myself that one hundred people reading my blog is like helping and inspiring a sold out music venue.

And yet each time I went into my tracking spreadsheet my heart sank to see how slowly my audience was growing, or soared when I had an unusual spike in growth.

Tracking my numbers was doing nothing for my business… because I was doing it wrong.

The numbers I was tracking weren’t affecting the actions or decision I took in my business.

I needed to track numbers that told me how effective my marketing strategy, sales funnel, and customer relationship management were.

So I can do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

Did I need to focus on list building to get more eyes on content that was already converting well? Or did I need to up my copywriting game to increase sign ups, bookings, and sales?

Was my decision to ditch my entire online marketing strategy to focus on Facebook Live video paying off? Was the investment in a Pinterest course generating the increase in traffic I had expected?

I needed to track numbers that told me what was working in my business and what wasn’t, so that I could take action.

Ditch those vanity metrics, stop feeling bad about the size of your list (you don’t need a big list to generate great income anyway), and let me show you how to track the numbers that matter.

How To Make It An Easy YES To Join Your Email List

I remember when content upgrades became a thing.

The idea that you create a freebie for every blog post (or podcast episode, or video) that your audience can sign up with their email address to receive.

It made so much sense! I could see exactly why and how this would work. There were an ever increasing number of blog posts (ironically) that gave you ideas for what to offer that would compliment the free content.

But I couldn’t even get a blog post out on a consistent schedule. Let alone creating a whole other something to give away too. It already took me for-ever to publish a solid blog post.

I was using Mailchimp as my email marketing service at the time. How would I even offer more than one freebie? There was a whole sign up sequence (the opt in form, email confirmation, and delivery of the freebie) to create every time!

I thought I would never have the time to create and set up content upgrades for my regular content.

And yet, over the last couple months I’ve shared process maps for your email opt in, service delivery, and testimonials. It’s felt easy. It was the right time in my business, with the right tools.

There is a next level you can take your opt in freebies right now to grow your list. And it’s not to go from 0 – 100 all at once creating content upgrades for everything!

Watch this week’s featured Facebook Live video to learn…

  • The ONE step you want people to take once they discover you and your business.
  • Why you don’t need to start creating a content upgrade for every blog post, video, or podcast & what to do instead.
  • The SIX stages of upping your opt in freebie (aka: lead magnet, content upgrade) game.
  • Why context is key to making it an easy yes for people to join your email list.

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4 Steps To Publish Consistent Content On The Platforms That Matter For Your Business (With A Marketing Strategy To Back It Up)

For the longest time I couldn’t stick to a blogging schedule.

I tried all the things people tell you to do like brainstorm a bunch of ideas so you always have something to write about, and use an editorial calendar to plan out your posts. I even got my writing process really well defined with pre-writing questions and a publishing checklist.

But you know what? It still took me FOR-ever to get from idea to publishing that blog post and sharing it on social media. How long is forever? 3-5 hours.

(Not quite the same as tapping out a progress update on my latest novel like I used to do back in my fiction writing days on my blog: No Excuses. Just Write.)

How 3-5 hours of work each week fits into your week is going to be different than mine, or anyone else’s. If you’re working 40 hours a week and blogging is the core content you create for your marketing strategy then that’s pretty okay. If you work 15 hours a week, like me, then using a third of your work time for a blog post and a handful of social media posts is not an effective way to market your business!

Not only that but blogging is just one type of marketing you can do for your business, and marketing is just one of the MANY things you do to keep your business running and growing.

Now I do all of my online marketing in 3-5 hours a week. Every week. To consistently publish a blog post, daily posts on my Facebook Page, three Facebook Lives, three videos on my YouTube channel, an email to my subscribers, and three new pins of my own content on Pinterest.

It’s the holy grail of an online content marketing strategy, right? Posting consistently, every week, to your blog, email list, and social platforms.

How would you feel if you were sending consistent, valuable content to your audience every single week? What would it allow you to let go of? How many distractions would it remove from your daily work? How much confidence would it give you?

It is possible! And I want to uncomplicate it for you. You don’t have to go from 0 – 100 all at once. You can create a marketing strategy that fits where you and your business are right now. And remember that done is better than perfect. And done looks pretty awesome.

Let me step you through it…

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Start Thinking Like THIS To See More Growth In Your Business

What’s your favourite flavour of procrastination?

My type of procrastination is research and learning. I start signing up for freebies, webinars, and workshops. I get the emails, file the PDFs away, bookmark the webinars, and get notifications that the workshops are about to expire. But I don’t make the time to read them, or watch them, let alone implement them.

My type of procrastination camouflages itself as just in time learning. I’m looking at resources for hosting 5 Day Challenges, doing a quiz to find out my Money Personality Archetype (I’m the Connector), and downloading the six-figure formula cheat sheet.

Even though…

  • Hosting a 5 Day Challenge isn’t the very next thing I need to work on.
  • I’ve already bought a fantastic course with a community to work on my money mindset.
  • I need to achieve regular four-figure months before I start looking at breaking 10k months.

I am always wanting to be six months ahead of where I am in business. And yet…

Knowing exactly what you need to do on a weekly basis to maintain your current level of business is the key to growing your business in a strategic (aka EFFECTIVE) way.


Watch this week’s featured Facebook Live video to learn…

  • How to define your business baseline as the current level of your business operation and the activities that sustain it.
  • The FOUR stages of the business growth cycle and how to identify which stage is next for your business.
  • What to do so you can really see, measure, and FEEL the incremental growth in your business.
  • How to integrate that growth back into your business so you’re ready to level up again.

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3 Questions To Test Your Marketing Results

Are you familiar with that feeling when you know you’ve spent all day doing marketing things but you’ve not had any direct sales or enquiries from those things and now the day is over and it feels like you’ve accomplished nothing?

There are so many things that go into attracting an ideal customer and them buying from you that marketing can be the least tangible thing you do in business.

You can track views and clicks, conversions and consult calls, enquiries and sales. And you should track those things. But it’s never going to be the whole picture because… humans… and emotions.

There is a middle ground where you know how most of your customer find you, you optimise that path, and allow for people to find their own way to you and your products.

In fact, the first question is…

How can people find out about you and your business?

But to avoid getting stuck in the numbers or losing days to marketing tasks that feel like you’re wasting time you want to start with one core marketing strategy.

Watch this week’s featured Facebook Live video to learn…

  • The 3 questions you can use to start evaluating your marketing efforts and their results that come directly from the pre-session questionnaire for Your Streamlined Marketing Strategy Session.
  • How to identify what marketing strategies to double down on.
  • Why you need to know what marketing activities will maintain your current level of business and what marketing activities are about business growth.
  • How to simplify the marketing you’re already doing to create more sales in less time with my new Streamlined Marketing Strategy Session.

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What You Need To Deliver On Your Sales Funnel

I reluctantly finished up work for the week knowing that my sales page was done, people could buy my new Streamlined Marketing Strategy Session from that sales page, but I wasn’t ready to launch yet.

It wasn’t that *I* wasn’t ready. I had been ready the very first week I drafted the sales page. SO excited about this new offer that was specific, completely over delivered, and was solving a problem that I’d been hearing about (and doing Facebook Lives about) for the past month.

I wasn’t ready to launch yet because I wasn’t ready to deliver on my sales funnel.

Sure I could put my sales page live, hook it up to all those other pieces in my sales funnel, and have people purchase a session. But then what?

How was I going to thank them? How was I going to welcome them? How was I going to give them access to my Get Focused Workbook? How was I going to send them the pre-session questionnaire? How were they going to complete it? What if they didn’t complete it before our session?

So I did what I do for all my clients and drew myself a process map to show what happens when someone purchases a Streamlined Marketing Strategy Session and how I would deliver on everything I promised on my sales page.

Watch this week’s featured Facebook Live video to learn…

  • The part of your customer welcome and onboarding process you need in place before you launch.
  • Why the end of your sales funnel isn’t someone buying your offer.
  • How you’re creating the best problem to have in business but why it’s still a problem to fix.
  • Sneak peak into my delivery process for Your Streamline Marketing Strategy Session and what I did to avoid running into problems with my first customers.

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4 Things You Need Before Building Your Website

I ogled my shiny new brand board with my colours all in a line, my new logo in different colour combinations, and my fonts spelling out the alphabet. But it didn’t feel like my brand.

Something was missing. As if all these pieces were waiting for something that would hold them together. I knew almost right away what was missing. I needed photos.

I’d invested in a branding course because I knew there was more to it than just picking colours and fonts that I liked when I built my website. I hadn’t expected that photos would need to play such a huge part in my website.

Now I had a whole new set of problems. What photos did I need? What would be in them? How would I use them on my website, on my blog, in social media?

After having a minor freak out I drew on my experience as a project manager on web development projects and went back to the planning stage to bring all these pieces (and more) together.

Watch this week’s featured Facebook Live video to learn…

  • The 4 things you need to have before you start building your website, and the best order to do them in. (Hint: branding and photos are two of them!)
  • What every web developer will ask you to provide them so that they can build your website for you.
  • The 6 step writing process I use to write all of my own website copy.
  • The one planning technique that will help you figure out what photos you need for your website and what they need to look like.

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How I Developed My Content Creation Strategy Into A System That Fits My Work Schedule

I scrolled frantically through the newsfeed of the third Facebook group in as many minutes. I needed to find a topic. A topic for my Facebook Live today. I’d committed to doing a Facebook Live video every work day.

For some reason I thought it would be easy to find a topic from people like you asking questions in Facebook Groups. And it was. At least it had been for a week and a half. Until today.

I scanned post after post, only half reading them. I knew I wasn’t paying enough attention for one to spark a topic idea even if I saw one. And I was losing time. I’d already lost an hour trying to find a topic. Time sped by, taunting me.

I only allocated a half hour each day to come up with a topic, outline my ideas, and go live. Usually it was enough. Usually it was plenty. But not today. This wasn’t working for my any more.

What would you do? (Choose your own mompreneur adventure)

  1. Give up trying to do any work that day, skipping your Facebook Live, breaking your streak, and going into a spiral of self-doubt.
  2. Cut your losses, skipping your Facebook Live, taking a break, and coming back to work on something else. You’ll try again tomorrow.
  3. Throw your hands up, lamenting about how silly and last minute it was to think you’d be able to find a topic in 5-10 minutes every day, on the day, and decide to come up with new topics a lot earlier.

That was just one of the problems I came across when putting my Facebook Live content strategy into practice.

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Create More High Quality Content In Less Time With A Core Content Strategy, Repurposing & Distribution

content creation, content strategy, systems, social media, blogging, podcast, video

Are you trying to be everywhere online only to end up being nowhere consistently?

Or have you given up on trying to be everywhere and would just like to post to Instagram, your blog, and email your list regularly?

You’re familiar with the blank page, you do create some rocking content but you just can’t create the volume of fresh, new content that you need to for all the places you’re supposed to be online.

Let’s start cutting through all of the advice out there about content creation, social media, blogging, video, podcasts, and email marketing by getting super strategic.

Watch this week’s featured Facebook Live video to learn…

  • How to review every channel you’re creating content for and choose which ones to keep.
  • The two questions you need ask for every channel you’re publishing content to.
  • How to choose the best content type to showcase your expertise and make it easy for your audience to consume.
  • Why repurposing and distribution will be a game changer for creating more content in less time.

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Your Email Opt In Process Explained: What You Need To Set Up And Why

You’ve decided you want to implement an opt in freebie (and not just because everyone is saying you should).

You’ve created your freebie and are ready to put it out into the world. But how do you do that exactly?

You know you need an opt in form, and to set things up in your email marketing system, and to set other things up on your website. But what gets set up where? And how does it all work together?

Let me draw you a picture…

No, really, I’ve drawn you a map of your email opt in process so you can see exactly the steps your subscriber will go through to get your freebie and what you need to set up to make that happen.

Watch this week’s featured Facebook Live video to learn…

  • What you need to know about your email opt in before you set it up for new subscribers.
  • How your website and your email marketing service work together to deliver your email opt in.
  • The step by step process that a new subscriber goes to when signing up for your freebie and what you need each step to do.
  • What needs to be happening before and after someone opt in for your freebie.

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