Create More High Quality Content In Less Time With A Core Content Strategy, Repurposing & Distribution

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Are you trying to be everywhere online only to end up being nowhere consistently?

Or have you given up on trying to be everywhere and would just like to post to Instagram, your blog, and email your list regularly?

You’re familiar with the blank page, you do create some rocking content but you just can’t create the volume of fresh, new content that you need to for all the places you’re supposed to be online.

Let’s start cutting through all of the advice out there about content creation, social media, blogging, video, podcasts, and email marketing by getting super strategic.

Watch this week’s featured Facebook Live video to learn…

  • How to review every channel you’re creating content for and choose which ones to keep.
  • The two questions you need ask for every channel you’re publishing content to.
  • How to choose the best content type to showcase your expertise and make it easy for your audience to consume.
  • Why repurposing and distribution will be a game changer for creating more content in less time.

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Your Email Opt In Process Explained: What You Need To Set Up And Why

You’ve decided you want to implement an opt in freebie (and not just because everyone is saying you should).

You’ve created your freebie and are ready to put it out into the world. But how do you do that exactly?

You know you need an opt in form, and to set things up in your email marketing system, and to set other things up on your website. But what gets set up where? And how does it all work together?

Let me draw you a picture…

No, really, I’ve drawn you a map of your email opt in process so you can see exactly the steps your subscriber will go through to get your freebie and what you need to set up to make that happen.

Watch this week’s featured Facebook Live video to learn…

  • What you need to know about your email opt in before you set it up for new subscribers.
  • How your website and your email marketing service work together to deliver your email opt in.
  • The step by step process that a new subscriber goes to when signing up for your freebie and what you need each step to do.
  • What needs to be happening before and after someone opt in for your freebie.

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Stop The Feast Or Famine Cycle: How To Divide Your Time Between Working IN Your Business And Working ON Your Business

How do you divide your time between all the business tasks that need your attention? 

All the clients you’re working with and orders you’ve received? All the customer enquiries, networking opportunities, and marketing activities. All the learning and education, and the systems!

This is a problem that contributes greatly to the feast or famine cycle of business. 

You spend all your time marketing and networking to bring in clients and orders. Then you are fully booked and fully busy working with those clients and filling those orders. And it feels all disorganised, overwhelming, and like you’re going to miss something because your systems aren’t set up to support that level of busy.

One part of your business is getting the majority of your attention until another part of your business “breaks” then all your attention shifts there. It’s an endless cycle and one you can get out of… with a little practice and experimentation.

Watch this week’s featured Facebook Live video to learn…

  • Two ways to strategically group all your business tasks so you can start identifying how much time they’re really taking
  • The difference between active marketing and passive marketing, and which approach you need to use to save you time while still bringing in clients
  • How the time you set aside for client work can do double duty with marketing activities when you need it to (and when you might not)
  • The difference between just in case learning and just in time learning, and the approach that will have you implementing faster than ever

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How To Create A Good Client On Boarding System

If you work with clients providing 1:1 services, group programs, custom designed products, or even eCourses you need a client on boarding system.

A client on boarding system takes care of payment, your contract or client agreement, but more importantly it communicates how you work with people, what you need from them, what they can expect from you, and when it’s all going to happen.

You can avoid many an awkward conversation or misunderstanding by having a good client on boarding system.

Watch this week’s featured Facebook Live video to learn…

  • The one principle that will help you set and manage client expectations
  • The four things that you might need in your client on boarding process
  • When to introduce a Welcome Packet, and what to include in it
  • Why you don’t want to start with automation, and where to start instead

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The One Thing You Need To Know Before You Outsource

Do you need to have all your processes down before you can outsource? You might be a little surprised to hear me say that you don’t have to!

Watch this week’s featured Facebook Live video to learn…

  • The one thing you do need to know before outsourcing.
  • If you need someone to bring their own expertise to your business like a social media manager or bookkeeper, or you need someone to do the work like a VA.
  • If you need someone on an ongoing basis or a project basis.
  • How to get your new hire up to speed as quickly as possible, and have them do as much of process work as possible.

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How to declutter your email subscriptions to increase your focus & avoid distraction

declutter, email, focus, distractions, goals

How many email newsletters are you subscribed to?

(It’s okay, you don’t have to admit it publicly.)

How many of them are tempting you with new mastermind groups when you’re already in a mastermind group? Or new business coaching programs when you already know the next steps you need to take in your business?

How many of them are teaching you about hosting webinars, or launching eCourses, or running Facebook ads when you’re still trying to get your latest product collection released?

How many of them are distracting you from the big, life-changing goals you’ve set for yourself?

Every email that goes into or through your inbox that isn’t supporting you in reaching those goals is causing you to lose focus, undermining your confidence, and encouraging you to procrastinate.

I want to help you get rid of the noise so that you can follow the signal to business growth.

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How To Test Drive Your Dream To Make Sure It’s Going To Be A Life You Love Before, During, And After You Achieve It.

You have a dream.

A big dream.

A life changing dream.

It’s been in your plans every year but for some reason, you never make as much progress as you expect. There’s a lot of stopping and starting, a lot of roadblocks, a lot of struggle, and plenty of sacrifices.

It’s been in your plans every year but for some reason, you never make as much progress as you expect. There’s a lot of stopping and starting, a lot of roadblocks, a lot of struggle, and plenty of sacrifices.

You keep telling yourself it’ll all be worth it in the long run. But will it really?

The journey is more important than the destination.

What if you could love working towards your dream as much as you’ll love achieving it?

The journey is your life while pursuing your dream. The destination is the moment of achievement. And what about the life you’ll live after achieving your dream?

You might spend hundreds of days working towards your dream, while only a handful of days in the glow of achievement

Love living the journey. The destination is the cherry on top.

What if you sacrifice a daily life you love now for achieving your dream? What about the days you’ll live after achieving your dream? What will they be like? Will they be worth the sacrifice?

What if you could have both a life you love while working towards your dream and a life you love living your dream?

Create a journey that is better than the destination.

Here’s how to test drive your dream to make sure it’s going to be a life you love before, during, and after you achieve it.

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10 Prompts To Help You Dream Up 100 Awesome Things To Do

Do you believe you deserve 100 awesome things to happen to you in one year?

Do 100 awesome things sound like too many? As if you shouldn’t have all of those to yourself and they should be shared around instead?

What if everyone could have 100 awesome things happen to them in one year? Because they can.

What if everyone believed they could dream 100 awesome things for themselves? Because it’s possible.

What if everyone felt they deserved 100 awesome things to happen to them? Because they do. You do.

I first came across the idea of dreaming up 100 things to do for the year back in 2012 when I first discovered Leonie’s Shining Year workbooks. It soon became my absolute favourite part of planning for the New Year.

I love the amazing feeling of endless possibility. But I can’t think up 100 things all at once so there’s a feeling that fun surprises are in store as I dream up new fun things to do. There’s a sense of abundance and a promise of excitement at the thought of so many great things ahead of me.

I love challenging myself to come up with so many things to prove to myself that I can do it. And if I can do it then so can you!

Coming up with 100 different things to do in one year is a challenge and it can be really hard if you don’t have a few prompts to keep you going when you hit the bottom of the idea well.

So what if instead of coming up with 100 things all at once you came up with 10 things?

That feels much more do-able and comfortable doesn’t it? Now, what if you came up with 10 things in response to 10 different prompts? To me coming up with 10 ideas, 10 times sounds more manageable than coming up with 100 ideas all at once.

Here are 10 prompts to help you brainstorm 100 awesome things to do in the next year.

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Your Speed Dating Guide To Planners: How To Find A Planner You’ll Still Be Using This Time Next Year

‘Tis the season. Planner season, that is.

Can you feel the crisp fresh promise of all your dreams and plans laid out in perfectly pretty ordered pages coming true?

There’s a fresh start just on the December horizon. A promise that next year we can create the life that we wished to create for ourselves this year. A promise that we can do more, be more, and level up in a way we haven’t yet dreamed of.

There is the promise of the organised life in those blank diary pages.

There is the promise of dreams coming true in the blank workbook pages.

And they’re all SO PRETTY!

But this is the same feeling you had this time last year, right? And the year before that? And probably the year before that too.

We gotta do something different if we want this year to be the year that we really, truly live that dream life. That organised life. That life of more freedom and adventure for our families. That life where our big, big dreams are coming true.

How many planners did you buy last year? How many of those planners are you still using?

It’s EASY to get swept up in the promise of a new year and ALL THE PRETTY!

But this year I want it to be different for you.

I want you to speed date your way through this planner season and fall in love with THE ONE planner that’s perfect for you.

That means you get to drool over those attractive planners and look those sales pages up and down with an appreciative yet critical eye, but in the end, you’re looking for substance as well as beauty.

Here is your speed dating guide to planners this season.

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How To Declutter Your Digital Space & Organise Your Digital Files


The digital world has eradicated the need for rows of metal filing cabinets, stacks of manila folders, and strange objects repurposed as paper weights. Your files may no longer take up physical space in your environment but even in the cloud they are taking up mental space.

All that digital clutter is stealing valuable brainpower that you could be using to record the next video for your signature program, craft that interview pitch, or execute that longed for Pinterest mum project to perfection.

Instead of metal filing cabinets, you have your Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, your laptop hard drive, and more.

Every time you sit down to write a blog post, prepare for a client call or do your quarterly business review you’re spending frustrating moments hunting down ideas, notes, and numbers.

If it were easy to organise all of your files you would have done it already, right?

You’ve probably attempted to declutter your digital files before and then given up at sorting through idea files from three years ago. And you were right, that is a waste of your time. A waste of valuable time you could be spending nurturing your clients or making memories with your kids.

Here is my guide to decluttering your digital files without it becoming a huge waste of time.

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