Simplify the marketing you’re already doing to make more sales in less time.

A marketing strategy session and easy to implement checklists to finally be consistent on the platforms that matter.

You delete the first sentence of your blog post for the fifth time, willing your brain to come up with a complete post for the first time in weeks. Everyone says consistency is key but whether it’s your blog, social media, or joint webinars you never seem to be able to sustain it.

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re doing all this random stuff and feel like you’re spinning your wheels. You’re not even sure what IS working!
  • You recommit to posting consistent valuable content to your Facebook page but writing those in depth vulnerable posts every day takes so long you fall behind on client work and your clients have to come first.
  • You wish someone would just map out what I need to do and it would work.
  • You are ready to commit to a marketing strategy, ignore all the conflicting advice online, and make it easy for yourself.

I’ll show you a simple way of evaluating your marketing activities so you’re only spending time on the things that get you results: getting in front of your ideal clients, growing your audience, and making more sales. I’ll help you design step-by-step checklists for your most effective marketing strategies so that you’re ready for outsourcing or simply doing it yourself in less time and with less thought.

After our session you’ll know exactly what tasks will help maintain your current level of business – and, best of all, how to make it all happen without zapping your time and energy.

As a result of this Streamlined Strategy Session, you will:

  • Have step-by-step process checklists for your top 3 marketing activities.
  • Know exactly how much time your marketing takes up every week.
  • Have a marketing relationship map showing how your ideal people find you and become repeat customers.
  • Feel confident in the marketing strategies you are spending time on.
  • Be able to spend less time on marketing – and be more consistent.
  • Have an automation & outsourcing plan for when you’re ready to uplevel.
  • Overcome the self-doubt that pops up every time you read a new post about a marketing strategy you’ve not implemented yet.
  • Get excited about your business again!


Your Streamlined Marketing Strategy Session includes:


Get Focused Workbook + Marketing Results Worksheet

You’ll receive a copy of my Get Focused Workbook and access to two bonus walk through videos where you’ll learn how to evaluate everything you’re doing in your business and identify what’s getting you results. You’ll complete one of the eight worksheets before your Streamlined Strategy Session so we can get right to work during our 90 minute Streamlined Strategy Call. I’ll also give you the tools (worksheet + walk through video) to audit your marketing activities and begin to reverse engineer where sales have resulted from your marketing efforts.

90 Minute Streamlined Strategy Call

Let’s do this! In your 90 minute strategy session we’ll review your marketing audit and identify the marketing strategies that you’re already doing that are making you sales. Then we’ll focus in on your top 3 most effective marketing strategies and design a step-by-step checklist for creating and publishing content. And, most importantly, we’ll make sure these essential marketing activities fit into your existing work week.

Marketing Checklists

After our session I’ll set up your three marketing checklists in the system of your choice, e.g. project management system like Asana or Trello, Google Document, or as a printable PDF.

Marketing Relationship Map

During our Streamlined Strategy Call we’ll also talk about the beginning of your sales funnel: how your ideal people are finding you and how they become repeat customers. After our session I’ll draw you a marketing relationship map to show how your marketing strategies come together to form your sales funnel.

Support & Accountability

Even with the most customised strategy and the best thought out plan some things don’t always work the way you think they will. I’ll provide two weeks of support while you put your marketing strategy into practice through email and Voxer (an app that’s like having a walkie-talkie between us). We’ll tweak and troubleshoot your systems to work seamlessly, and you’ll learn how to maintain them so they can grow with your business. I’ll also check-in with you by email a month after our call to see how effective your strategy has been.

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Step 3. Join the video call at the scheduled time of your session.

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