I felt unorganized, like I was wasting a TON of time but doing the client work and “all the things” was more important than spending time streamlining systems. I wasn’t sure where to start. I also didn’t have the time.

We had a really great consultation call. You asked me some thought-provoking questions and delivered a recap and some suggestions that I could implement that I would have never thought of on my own. So I knew exactly what I was going to get when I hired you.

The workflow we created together has allowed me to pass the process off to my VA and we are on the same page as to what needs to happen when. I don’t have to do it all myself, and I have my processes documented – which has enabled me to package and sell my process as a course that has earned over $10,000. 

Knowing where I have to be the one doing the work vs. what I can systematize and pass off to someone else is HUGE for me. Also just having a system is a relief, and whenever I deviate from the process I can see why it’s so important and I can always go back.”

Shannon Mattern


“Even though I was on top of things in my business, I felt like I was all over the place and it was probably only a matter of time before something slipped through the cracks. Kerryn helped remind me to figure out what I needed FIRST, then try to find a solution that fit! Our call forced me to take the time to think through my process and analyze what wasn't working and why. It was so nice to have the space to just talk things through with someone!”

Megan Schopieray

Online Business Manager & Growth Strategist

I was overwhelmed and really frazzled by my endless to do list. I was so busy working in my business, it was hard to step back and see the big picture and where I could streamline. Sometimes I could think of systems in theory, but couldn’t implement them for myself.

Kerryn helped me see where my workflow was getting bogged down and where I was clogging up the process by having to make too many decisions. She helped me make serious changes that have freed up so much time! Cutting down the number of suppliers I work with was a huge shift--I didn't realize how much brain energy I was wasting on that (and not really saving any money by shopping around!) Kerryn also helped me create boundaries around when I do certain tasks throughout the week, which has freed up so much decision-making energy.

Now I’m excited about my business again. I feel like the more and more I implement the systems we created, the more I’ll be able to hand off tasks to someone else. And that frees up more time to work on my new business, Biz BFF.

Emily Roach

Fresh Paper Studios

"I was unsure which tasks would move my business forward. All the tasks seem important and I ended up frozen in doubt. Now I have a renewed focus and a clear direction to take. I can shut out all the noise from blogs and gurus and use the unique advice you gave that applies specifically to where I am at."

Meaghan Gallant

Virtual Assitant & Freelance Writer

Before Streamlining, my business was running me. I would often feel overwhelmed and much like I was drowning in work with no real way to get ahead. I was constantly frustrated and unorganised. I was too buried within my own business to really identify what needed to be fixed or how I could be doing things more efficiently.

Assigning tasks to certain days has simplified things in a big way. It allows me to check things off the list more quickly and efficiently. Being able to identify the different tasks of the business was very eye opening. It has made it possible to plan for employees in the future. By separating the business into "departments" I am able to identify what can be hired out.

I feel like I have a lot more time now. Instead of sitting down each day and mulling over what to do first, I am able to get to work right away without having to think too much about it. I feel like I have more of a bird's eye view of my business.

Rita Goodrich

Inkling Design Studio

“We spoke on Monday at 2 PM and by 6 PM Wednesday I’d already finished the two lessons for this week 🙂 Usually I’m trying to finish the lessons on the weekend and feeling behind. Now everything else I do is working ahead and making a little breathing space. It feels great!”

Katherine Anderson

English Language Teacher & Social Media Manager

“I felt really disorganised because I couldn’t see how everything flowed through the various processes I was using. Seeing it all mapped out really helped me see where I was organized, where I could delegate in the future, and what parts needed to be tweaked a bit. It was total clarity - which I love!

It makes me feel so much better knowing I have a map that shows me all the steps I need to take for each customer interaction so I don't miss anything. I feel like I have a better handle on how my process flows and how I can streamline it fit my needs.

Kerryn made several recommendations on programs I could use to help streamline my processes. And she helped me with my to do list of things I wanted to work on between calls. Very helpful!”

Erika Swafford


“I failed to get anywhere near completing my to do list ... but thanks to Kerryn Hewson's to-do to ta-da template, my to do list is organized on one page for the first time in months ... instead of being a mess of random notes on 10 different pages. If you haven't already signed up to get her template, do it!

Effie Greathouse

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