Stop trying to do ALL THE THINGS & focus on what gets results for your business!


Scannable information to get you using the eight worksheets, printable poster to remind you what to focus on, and walk through videos to keep you taking confident action.

Do LESS to make more & WOW your customers




Introducing the Get Focused Workbook…

The Get Focused Workbook is been designed to be scanned, not read so you can USE it to…

  • Create a to do list of tasks that are essential to operating your business instead of a to do list cluttered with all your ideas and all the advice from all the people.

  • Learn how to take on new projects that grow your business without getting overwhelmed, burned out, and maxed out.

  • Straighten out the jumble of ideas, strategies, to dos, and should dos bouncing around in your head so you can focus on what will grow your business right now.

  • Understand how all the activities in your business tie back to only SIX core goals you need to maintain and grow your business.

  • Assess your business in each of these six core goals to reveal what you’ve been doing over the past 12 months and how much of that you should keep doing.

  • Identify what’s working in for you, your business, and your customers – and what’s not – so that you can double down on what’s working to achieve more results with less of your time.

Stop being distracted by ALL THE THINGS and take confident action to move your business forward.

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"I was unsure which tasks would move my business forward. All the tasks seem important and I ended up frozen in doubt. Now I have a renewed focus and a clear direction to take. I can shut out all the noise from blogs and gurus and use the unique advice you gave that applies specifically to where I am at."

Meaghan Gallant

Virtual Assitant & Freelance Writer

The 13-page Get Focused Workbook is designed with only the information you need to get using the eight worksheets asap. Scan the information pages and type directly into the editable worksheets.

The Printable Poster reminds you to focus on what’s important to YOUR business, and that’s to do more of what works and less of what doesn’t work – for YOUR business.

The Walk Through Videos talk you through the Cycle of Overwhelm, Cycle of Growth, Six Goals of Business, and every question in every worksheet so you’ll never get stuck.

It’s time to forget what you SHOULD be doing for your business & focus on what’s essential for YOUR business!

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& access to the bonus walk through videos.

Hi! I’m Kerryn, your Productivity & Systems Strategist.

I work with creative mompreneurs who are building online business to give them the freedom to put lifestyle and family first. I design custom-fit systems that simplify, streamline, and automate so that every hour spent away from family adventures and cosy date nights count towards business growth.

I have 10 years experience as a business analyst and project manager in the corporate arena on business change, process improvement, and software development projects across travel, banking, library, maritime, and government industries. Now I’m applying my analysis skills, organisation wizardry, and diagramming prowess to help solopreneurs grow and scale their businesses.

I’m passionate about showing mums that they don’t need to sacrifice their family to grow their business, or their business to grow their family. I started Adventures in Productivity while on maternity leave with my first baby so that I could be a stay-at-home mum while creating my own freedom lifestyle for myself and my family.

With streamlined systems and custom designed routines we can have our freedom lifestyles NOW and show our children a successful alternative to the traditional 9-5.

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